This is the student support page for Bromcom. As well as the help and advice here, you will also receive support from staff at school.

Bromcom is the school's MIS (management information system) and is the central piece of software in the day to day running of the school. The ‘Student Portal’ is the name of the student view of our published data on both desktop and the app.

Using the Student Portal, you will have easy access to your data anytime and anywhere. A dedicated smartphone app provides the added convenience of allowing access on iPhones and Android.

Some of the things you will be able to access from the start:

  • Your timetable
  • Your homework
  • Your behaviour record
  • Your exam timetable and results

We have not enabled all the features in Bromcom yet, so there may be features mentioned in help guides that you find online that are not visible in your Bromcom. We will publish help guides for all new features and visible data when we enable them.

Students can use the guide HERE to find out how to download and use the app. You will need to ask your year team for your username and invite code.

You can also log into the Student Portal web here: 

Sign in using the 'Login with Microsoft Account' button, then your school email and password.

It looks a little different to the apps because it is made for desktop viewing, but essentially it shows the same information as the app. 

Please note that detentions are only visible on the web view currently, not the app.

Further information on using the Student Portal is available in the video linked below. Note, we have not enabled all the features shown in the video but you will learn the basics of how to navigate around the Portal by watching it.