On Friday, 28th June, 150 enthusiastic students from 91探花 had the opportunity to explore new courses and participate in a variety of activities during a taster day at Warrington & Vale Royal College. The event, aimed at providing a glimpse into college life and the diverse courses on offer, was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on both students and staff alike.

Throughout the day, students engaged in three different taster sessions, each designed to give them a hands-on experience of the subjects they might consider pursuing in the future. These sessions ranged from creative arts and sciences to technical and vocational training, providing a broad spectrum of learning opportunities. Students were eager to dive into these new experiences, demonstrating curiosity and enthusiasm in every session.

In addition to the academic taster sessions, the day featured a range of fun and interactive lunchtime activities. Students had the chance to unwind and socialize while participating in table tennis, face painting, and archery. These activities were not only enjoyable but also fostered a sense of community and camaraderie among the students. The lively atmosphere during lunchtime was a testament to the students' positive spirits and the inclusive environment of the event.

The feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive. Many expressed how much they enjoyed the experience and appreciated the chance to try something new. "It was really fun to try out different courses and see what college life might be like," said one student. Another added, "The activities were great, and it was nice to meet new people and learn in a different setting."

The exemplary behaviour and engagement of the 91探花 students did not go unnoticed. Numerous WRV College staff members praised the students for their attentiveness, politeness, and active participation in the sessions. The Director of Admissions at the college even sent an email commending the students, stating, "Many of our staff who delivered the sessions came up to my team at lunchtime and at the end of the day and said they were a joy to teach – attentive, engaged, and polite. They and your wonderful staff at GSHS are a credit to your school."

The positive feedback from the college staff underscores the strong partnership between 91探花 and Warrington & Vale Royal College. Such collaborations are vital in providing students with enriching experiences that enhance their educational journey and prepare them for future academic and professional endeavours.

Looking ahead, 91探花 continues to prioritise the holistic development of its students. Next week, over 300 Year 10 students will embark on their work experience placements, marking a significant step in their career exploration journey. These placements, spread across various industries and professional environments, are designed to give students firsthand experience of the working world. This initiative is part of the school's broader strategy to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and insights necessary to make informed decisions about their post-16 options and future career paths.

The work experience programme is an integral part of the school’s efforts to prepare students for their next steps, providing them with valuable insights and real-world experience in various professional environments. By participating in these placements, students will not only gain practical skills but also develop a greater understanding of the expectations and dynamics of the workplace.

91探花 is proud of its students and grateful to Warrington & Vale Royal College for hosting such a rewarding and enjoyable day. We look forward to seeing our Year 10 students gain new skills and experiences during their upcoming work placements. The school remains committed to fostering opportunities that support student growth, engagement, and success, both within and beyond the classroom.