Choosing subject options for Year 10 is a major decision and an exciting opportunity for students. It is vital that choices are only made after the most careful consideration of all the alternatives. Some subjects are, of course, compulsory and have to be taken. Where students have the opportunity to select other courses, it is obviously important to maintain a broad and balanced programme of study in order to keep as many opportunities open to them as possible for the future. Throughout Year 9, students will complete a number of activities in PSHE to support them with selecting their Key Stage 4 options.  So much in the future depends on the students achieving good GCSE results.

The more successful each student is; the more choices will be available when considering a career. At 91探花, we offer a wide range of courses to suit many individual tastes and needs, all of which provide opportunities for students to be successful and help prepare them for the next stage of their life. The whole Options process is designed to inform students and parents as fully as possible about the choices available to them. Please do not hesitate to contact Dr S Hale (Assistant Headteacher) if you require any additional information.

Year 9 Options Key Dates

Wednesday 17th January

Y9 Options assembly (Students only) 
This will give an overview of the process to students. The Options booklet will be sent home for you to review the Options available to you.

Thursday 1st February

Y9 Option evening 5.15-7.45pm (Students and Parents) 
You and your parents will be welcome into school and will have the opportunity to discuss the Options process and hear from subject leaders. We will also have representatives from universities and colleges there to support your decision-making process.

Friday 2nd February

Options choices open 
The Options window is now open and you can select your chosen options on the MCAS app.

Thursday 22nd February

Y9 Parent’s evening (Students and Parents) 
This will give you the opportunity to discuss your academic progress with your teachers. This will be a great opportunity to ask questions about your suitability for the Options choices you are considering. 

Friday 26th February Options window closes


Year 9 Guided Options

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Options Subject Presentations

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