Message from Helen Stones, Director of Key Stage 5 

Here at Barrow Hall College, we pride ourselves in the fact that we get to know each one of our students very well. Our staff are fully committed to ensuring every student reaches their full potential, leaving us at the end of Year 13 as confident, well-rounded individuals. Knowing you as an individual and how you learn best is key to your success and the relationships which exist between students and staff create a college community where each student is valued and can therefore flourish. At Barrow Hall College no student is just a number. 

Choosing the right college and courses is a daunting task and we hope this prospectus, Open Evening itself and our other transition events will make the journey as smooth as possible for you. Our dedicated Heads of Year and experienced College Tutors are here to guide you through the process and offer you all the information, advice and guidance you need to make an informed choice. 

We are a college with high aspirations for our students and for ourselves, engaging with both student and parent feedback to continuously improve our provision and student outcomes. Only last year we extended our enrichment opportunities and Aspiring Professionals Programme, added a Careers Training Zone Programme and further expanded our staffing to include a Key Stage 5 Academic Mentor who works with every student weekly. This year every student has been given their own electronic device to support their studies and we have recently refurbished our café and social space in response to student feedback.  

I am exceptionally proud to be able to lead the team here at Barrow Hall College and look forward to welcoming you as a student in September as together we go from strength to strength. 




Welcome from our College Presidents

The transition from high school to college is a journey that many teenagers must experience, however that doesn’t make it any less intimidating and it can feel overwhelming at times. 

At Barrow Hall College, the staff strive to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible, creating a warm atmosphere where every student feels a sense of belonging and purpose. The dedication and support from all members of staff is unmatched. Here you are a name and not a number. An important part of the transition to college is to grow as a person and reach self-actualisation - understanding what careers you want to pursue. 

At our college, we understand that such choices can be difficult to make, and staff work tirelessly to prepare students for whatever area they choose to go into.  From our Aspiring Professionals Programme to the comprehensive subject-specific enrichment opportunities and extracurricular activities that our college has to offer, we ensure that you stand out from the crowd when you leave. 

The college’s ethos of being ‘Big enough to offer choice, small enough to care’ enables a well-rounded college experience that both prioritises academic attainment and personal growth. There is strong community spirit, that nurtures diversity and equality and our roles as President and Vice President are here to provide a student voice that encourages togetherness within college life and we look forward to welcoming the class of 2026 in September.